bible study

Sunday Study

This summer we’re studying the End Times. There are many theories and interpretations of what the Bible says about the end of the world. Join us as we study the hope we have for our future and the victory Christ already won for us!

Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups are on pause for now. We’re hoping to resume our Idols study sometime this summer. In the meantime, we’re meeting at church on Thursday nights at 7pm for a Bible Information Class. This course on core Bible truths is a great refresher for long-time Christians, and an awesome opportunity to bring a friend.

Intro Courses

Contact our Pastor if you’re interested in taking a membership course! These sorts of classes are flexible; they can be modified to match your schedule and preference. They can be taught in a classroom setting or individually.

We’re doing a Bible Information Class called God is Love at church on Thursdays at 7pm. Long-time Christians and newcomers are welcome!